Things I Have Learned in my Travels

I am a traveler. I still find this hard to believe. My reality has shifted so drastically it doesn't even seem real. The things that have become mundane are magical. I find myself walking on the beach with new friends that feel like old companions. Different people,...

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Little Sad, Little Happy

According to the Chinese almanac we are in the time of insects stir. At home that means on the occasional warm night the spring peepers would be singing, followed by cold spells where the quiet falls again. Here in Bali the cicadas are loudly announcing...

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Show Your Fear Who’s Boss

When I first started out on my path towards self growth, I would have regular bouts of debilitating fear and dread. When it would happen I would question my whole purpose. I began to reconsider my steps and long to go back into the safety of known discomfort. These...

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You Are Bigger Than Your Fear

Welcome to the Void. When coming from a fear based mindset, the Void can be a terrifying prospect. Our culture perpetuates fear like strands of beads from a Mardi Gras float. It is thrown at us from all directions and we are encouraged to excitedly wear it in piles...

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Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! The official new year started Friday, February 16th on the tail of a partial solar eclipse the evening of the 15th adding it's flavor to the auspicious occasion. Unlike the Gregorian New Year that we celebrate through the Western world, the...

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How to Rock Your Vulnerability

The energy of spring holds lessons in how to rock the power of your vulnerability. Vulnerability is a feeling most of us try to minimize. Our culture does not hold much regard for the tender and fragile parts of ourselves. We are encouraged to...

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How to Rock at Being Human

This week week we have the full moon energy happening on January 31st coinciding with a lunar eclipse energy. The eclipse cycle will end on February 15th with a partial solar eclipse. Between this pair of cosmic shadows is a portal that can help us understand how to...

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