DoMu, Your Heavenly Sugar Mama

Today I worked with the archetype goddess Do Mu. She is the queen of heaven and is embodied in the constellation of what we in the West know as the Big Dipper. She has big yin energy. She teaches us about receiving. Recieving is not a passive act, it takes focus on...

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Tong Shu Reading for January 7th 2018

Today I worked with the zodiac aspects of the Tong Shu. The solar aspect of the day is the Water Ox. The solar aspect has to do with our outer world, what we do, what happens, what influences us from the outside. The Ox is comforatable in Water, he is a stable strong...

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Three Easy Steps to Extreme Enlightenment

If you are reading this, you have succumbed to the deliciously villainous clickbait social media fantasy. I do not judge you for it, I do it all the time. But this is something that I find to be a huge challenge in the self improvement world. I have always been a new...

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