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I teach a number of live workshops and classes. I can teach a private class for you and a group of friends, or as part of a larger event or retreat. I use embodiment methods of teaching so my classes are never boring and often life altering. We do a lot of hands on activities and energetic work that can have immediate results and teach simple, yet profound methods that you can incorporate into your daily life to keep the energy flowing.  If you have specific needs or topics for classes please ask as I can often tailor material to help you create the perfect event or celebration.  Let’s chat to see if it’s a good fit. I travel well, so no need to be in my local area.

Here are some of my specialty classes.

  • The Nature of Yin and Yang,  How the Rise of the Divine Feminine Heals Us All

The balance of masculine and feminine energy is one of the basic driving forces of the universe. The systemic devaluation of the divine feminine and the rise of toxic masculinity puts great strain on us as a culture and threatens to destroy our home planet.

This isn’t about male versus female. We all live on a spectrum, we all have aspects of each, we all suffer from the current state of imbalance. It is just that the way we suffer becomes more or less visible according the amount of privilege our position engenders. It is the hidden pain that makes us all feel crazy, makes us all feel misunderstood, makes us all feel unseen.

The natural state of the universe is in ever fluctuating balance, when one side gets bright the other just tends to hide a little deeper in the shadows. How do we reveal the hidden feminine so it can express more presence? How do we tease out the subtle aspects of the toxic side of the masculine that is so embedded in each of us that it takes constant effort to even see it. How do we express the beneficial aspects of both yin and yang in order to utilize them in our own liberation? How do we find the wounds in us and turn them into the beautiful gifts they are meant to be? How do we find a voice to name the unnamable, speak the unspeakable, give substance to the insubstantial?


  • Working With the Ancestors

You don’t have to believe in the ancestors to believe in yourself. The energy of the ancestors runs deep within us, shaping our destiny, creating the blocks and challenges we face, presenting us with gifts and tools from the past, creating ways to secure a more harmonious and healthy future.

The ancestors live on in our DNA, the karma they were not able to work through predisposing us to various disease, habits and behaviors that can feel so unchangeable, so impossible to discern that we choose not to believe in it at all. That is until the disease manifests, the habits start causing us harm, the behaviors limiting our abilities to create the life that we want.

They also hold the key to finding what your dharma, your life path, your destiny holds. Knowing how and who to work with can create change that not only propels us forward but can release future generations from repeating the same mistakes and living the same pain. It has the power of smoothing out the past harm and disharmony in our lineage.

You don’t even have to know who they are. Ancestors come in many forms, some known and some unknowable. But learning how to decipher the marks they leave behind on the tenderest parts of our soul can help to free us of the burdens they passed down, and open us to the abundant gifts they are waiting to bestow.

  • The Energetics of TCM and Five Element Theory

TCM as it is being taught currently, largely resembles the Western model of medical teaching, with a big emphasis on having to memorize many long lists and complex interactions. Spirit is deemphasized in both the material and the classroom environment. It can feel very intimidating for students coming from a non medical background or those with a more hands on learning style.

My TCM basics class will cover the basics of TCM in a way that is most helpful for qi gong, massage, and other energy work practitioners and approach the subject from an energetic standpoint. By understanding the energetics of the TCM system, the need for rote memorization is greatly reduced and the usefulness for practitioners is greatly enhanced.

I teach the subject with an emphasis on helping students embody the principles of Chinese Medicine in a very hands on and heart open approach. These principles were never meant to be taught in an academic environment, one does not understand the nature of things by studying only the form.

To truly understand the beauty and simplicity of this medicine one must immerse oneself in the energy of the medicine, which is the energy of the universe itself. I teach the subject through a series of discussions, meditations, exercises and games which engage all the senses and appeal to many different learning styles.

If you have ever felt overwhelmed by the vastness and complexity of this medicine, if you ever felt that there is no way you could ever master the material, if hours of lecture make you feel restless or bored, then this is the TCM class for you.

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