What is it that you do?


Firmly grounded in Chinese medicine, I use many techniques from acupuncture and medical qigong. The rest of what I do is something like one part empowerment coach, one part spiritual guide, one part compassionate taskmaster, one part medical intuitive, one part empath, with a little mystic cheerleader thrown in. What I do is not unique, but how I do it is. The tools I utilize have the capacity to bring about big change in short time frames.

Yes, there are many ways to go about realizing your true potential, and not every path is right for every person. I can customize your experience for your greatest growth and optimal healing, but that also means that we must work as a team. This work is about YOU doing the healing, growing and changing. I am the assist. I embolden you to move beyond fear. I point the way towards opportunities you may not see. I reintroduce you to the strengths you already have. I remind you that you are not alone and have more brilliance and light that you can even imagine. I let you know “you got this”. I do this until you realize that you are doing it all yourself, until those wobbly sea legs of self trust and inner knowing become a solid foundation.

What is Medical QI Gong?


Qigong is the oldest branch of Chinese Medicine and is believed to have shamanistic origins. It is the study and practice of discerning, emitting, and manipulating energy. When I get to this part people usually say, “oh, like Reiki”. While Reiki may be the way most people have knowledge of energy work, the similarity to Medical Qigong is like comparing using one specific color (albeit a particularly awesome color) to being able to use billions of colors present in the universe.

Everything in the universe has a specific energetic frequency and medical qigong uses many different forms and frequencies of energy to bring about balance in the body, mind and spirit. A medical Qigong treatment can happen remotely, meaning the practitioner and the client do not have to be in the same physical space for it to work. Usually the client will sit or lie down in a comfortable place and the practitioner will use ancient techniques to remove stagnant energy, clear blockages to healing, release traumas and emotions, and many other awesome party tricks.

To the untrained eye it looks like someone waving their arms about with a great deal of self importance. But to the trained eye, the sensitive soul, those who can feel, sense or know energy, it is a magical, powerful, life altering experience. I have known people who have gone to years of therapy for an issue that still plagued them, only to see that issue resolve in just one or two sessions of medical qigong. I have experienced myself, shifts in the karma of my entire ancestral lineage, working with specific exercises for a few months. I think this stuff is the best thing since sliced primordial algae!

If Medical Qigong Is So Good, Why Do You Use The Other Techniques?


I’m so glad you asked, because that is where my personal approach is so unique. While medical Qigong can alter energetic blocks, stagnation and imbalances very effectively and quickly, the rest of our complex selves cannot always support that kind of big energetic shift.

Our minds are incredibly powerful. When I first started treating with medical Qigong I would see these amazing changes happen in a treatment. Then I would be confused when my clients came back with the same energy blocks, the same challenges. I would think that maybe I didn’t really do what I thought I did.

But then I noticed something.

The clients who were doing other forms of self work, things like therapy, support groups, and mindful self evaluation, were holding their treatments so much better. Thats when I started added in other techniques that help the mind and the emotions to catch up to the energy shifts. When I started tailoring those techniques to my clients specific needs, I started seeing huge shifts that were becoming embodied. I saw lasting change happen, setting up the foundation for continued growth and development.

What is a session like?


Sessions will happen over Skype, messenger or by phone. In the first session we will spend some time getting to know your core issues, needs and expectations for our time together. I use a variety of tools and techniques which include, but aren’t limited to; medical qigong, visualizations, guided meditations, energy downloads, EFT, creative art, qigong exercises and prescriptions, and good old talking it out. ¬†Sometimes we will do a lot of talking. Sometimes a session will be mostly treatment with medical qigong. Sometimes we will do guided meditations or specific exercises. I know my toolbox well and choose the techniques I believe will be most effective in any given situation.

Will I have homework?


I often give homework to those clients I believe will be able to utilize further tools for self realization. Homework is voluntary and mostly for your own use and benefit, not something turned in or evaluated. So, yes. If you are willing and it seems appropriate you will be given homework. Don’t worry, no pop quizzes!

A Word About Investing In Your Self


I have spent years feeling there was something wrong but not knowing how to change it. I always felt that I needed to do all the work on my own or it didn’t count. I have been stubbornly self reliant and I worked very hard to create change in my life. I worked very hard and often had to wait months or years to see concrete evidence of my work. I knew there was help out there, that there were other people who could assist me, but I never felt that I had the money to spend on something that felt so self indulgent.

I looked for cheaper ways, I settled for next best things, I got books from the library and studied and studied on my own. I learned a lot, found things that worked for me, but it still was so slow that often I didn’t feel I was moving at all.

I hit a low point, and finally I was inspired to reach out for help. My life had become so painful that the money no longer seemed like the big issue. That is when I got it! That there are people out there who’s gifts are helping create change. That is when I saw my hard work really pay off, when I had a guide who pointed out the ways I hid from my power, passed up opportunities for liberation, who pointed out the elephant in the room that I was too blind to see on my own.

I get it. It takes courage to invest in yourself. It takes a lot of shopping around to find what feels right. It takes a lot of weighing how much suffering are you willing to put up with and for how long. What is it worth to you to live a life that feels worth living, a life that you can look back on with your final breath and feel you lived it to the fullest?

I know that I may not be the right fit. I am not everyones cup of tea and I feel no shame to admit it. But if you are reading this, you are looking. And I encourage you to take the leap, find the person,  or team, or group that feels right and invest in your one precious life. What have you got to gain?

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