Hi, I’m Lisa
Growing up I had an ongoing fantasy that I would be kidnapped by Shaolin monks and taken to a remote tropical island (the Himalayas seemed too cold, and hey, it was my fantasy) and trained to have super human powers in order to save the world. Yeah, it might not have been that unique, but in my grown up life I found ways to make it happen. That is unique. Now it is my mission to help others discover their own superpowers.
Do you feel the call?

Here I am in the actual Himalayas!



Yay!  Thanks again for your love and leadership (by example!)  I have thoroughly enjoyed and grown from this class and look forward to your next offering!  Your trust, spirit and generosity show through in everything you say and do.  My personal growth has taken off and I know I will continue to find my path open before me, thanks to you!  (By the way, I have booked my trip to the beach for my personal retreat!)  Bless you on your travels and may your beautiful healing journey continue!  Love ya, Girl!


Inspires courage, self-love, and self-acceptance

Learning from Lisa has given me tools to trust and welcome what the Universe has to offer and I will take every opportunity to take other classes in the future.  She has taught me to understand and even embrace the shadow side of myself.  Doing this work has allowed my “light” to shine brighter.
As a teacher, Lisa creates an energetically nurturing place to explore and learn.  She inspires courage, self-love, and self-acceptance.  Since Lisa lives what she teaches, she is your “gunny sack race partner” on the journey you take through her class.
Being a part of the “Say Yes” class has been a gift and a privilege.

studied, skilled, intuitive healer

My appointment with Lisa was wonderful. The intake went deep into what I was going through, without making me feel rushed about explaining any of it. She gave me options for different ways of treating my predicament, and I felt better even just after the first appointment. She also taught me about what was going on with me and how I can better take care of myself on my own. Thank you!!



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