“I was already impressed with Medical Qigong when Lisa began to treat me, and have entered a new realm of appreciation for her work. Not only do physical difficulties resolve but she helps me uncover the underlying mental, emotional and spiritual causes for my issues! I lover her sweet, gentle demeanor and loving support and I feel completely cared-for as I look at my journey with new eyes and experience the transcendent!” JO


“Lisa is a true healer. Her ability to get to the root of my needs by simply tuning into my body is like nothing i’ve ever experienced. Her kind yet professional touch, her demeanor and her ability to listen make her one of the best health care professionals I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.” OF

Amazing healer

“Lisa, is caring and compassionate and totally focused on you. She gives so much of herself and her knowledge is so extensive; you can’t help walking out after the treatment session feeling so much better. She is a true healer.” NC

Kind, gentle, competent

“Lisa is to be admired for her competency and her caring, gentle ways. I am always so glad to see her knowing that she will be welcoming and pleasant and will strive to do what is best for me. Her values are above reproach and she is the kind of person we all should strive to be. I am thankful to be in her care. I know she is always learning and becoming more excellent in her field. ” JS

Exceeded My Expectations

“After 32 years in healthcare, I am seldom impressed. My first visit was both informative and results oriented. I walked around the remainder of the day wondering why I felt so good! Can hardly wait for the next visit.” RC


“Lisa is amazing. Very supportive and kind and encourages me in my healing and emotional work and growth. I am ever grateful ” TW

Being with Lisa

“My time with Lisa is a time I look forward to because I know I will feel better when I leave and time spent with a kind, generous, positive person like Lisa is time and money well spent. Lisa listens carefully to me and takes notes so that she can stay abreast of my current and past history with her. I consider Lisa a sweet friend. ” JS

Gratitude for Lisa!

“After a Qi-Gong session with Lisa yesterday, I am 100% better today! Low energy and waves of sadness have dissipated. Lisa has provided acupuncture and some Qi-Gong support for me for five years. Her expertise, knowledge and intuition have been primary resources for my physical, emotional, and mental health. Diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 2005, I have had no treatments. My gratitude abounds for the gentle gift of Lisa in my life! ” Joyce S

Healing Experience

“I enjoyed meeting and talking to Lisa – She made me feel very relaxed during the treatment and explained what she was doing and why and how it should help me. I am looking forward to future visits and hope that it will be a beneficial healing experience” KW

Energizer Therapist

“Lisa made me so much better. A few hours after my first session, I had no pain and enough energy, I felt like I could run a marathon the rest of the afternoon. I can’t wait until my next session.” ST


“I am always amazed how a few minutes of Lisa’s treatment she is able to find the source of my problems.” FP

Healing Experience

“I enjoyed meeting and talking to Lisa – She made me feel very relaxed during the treatment and explained what she was doing and why and how it should help me. I am looking forward to future visits and hope that it will be a beneficial healing experience” SK

Lisa is the greatest!

“Lisa’s acupuncture is wonderful and now she has added Medical Qigong to her repertoire and it is amazing! Her relaxing demeanor, skillful observations and ability to intuit what is going on and what I need make my appointments with her some of the most healing and helpful I have ever had.” JO

Great first visit

“I feel like Lisa took the time to get the most complete medical history I have ever given any practitioner. I am really looking forward to my next visit. ” EH

You won’t find a kinder healer

“One of the rarest of treasures, a truly dedicated healer who thinks first of those for whom she cares and only (almost) incidentally of how she’s going to pay the bills. I’m pretty skeptical (of almost any kind of medical treatment), but deeply wish I had found Lisa years instead of months ago. Be as generous as you can!” G.W.



Absolutely wonderful!!

“Great service, great results!! I am totally impressed with Lisa!! I could actually feel a difference immediately!! Would recommend to anyone!!” SM

wonderful experience

“Lisa is such a professional and caring person. It amazes me how she can pin point things that need to be done. It is so relaxing to have her “do her thing” that it is hard to leave. She seems to be always learning and trying to achieve higher and higher standards. A very talented person also. I am so glad that I have found her and that she been able to help. ” CH

She’s Great !

“I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Lisa’s treatments have helped me tremendously. I’m not able to take a lot of medications. Her treatments have helped to make a big difference. Each time I see her she listens to what hurts, and then she treats those areas plus whatever else she sees that needs attending to. She is Wonderful !!!” ST


“Lisa is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She takes time to explain what she’s doing and gets more medical details than most medical centers. ” TM

A Godsend

“Lisa has been a Godsend for me. Always kind, compassionate, focused. Steady progress (over many months) in addressing severe problems. Would that the world had more like her!” GW


“Lisa is a very gifted healer. Never before have I met such an attentive and effective health care provider. She has helped me tremendously and I couldn’t recommend her more! Lisa is amazing.” CR

Exactly what I needed

“Lisa was excellent. The intake appointment was incredibly thorough. She started the appointment with questions about my sleep, diet, emotional state, etc. Her questions were focused and got to the heart of the matter. Then she explained to me what she thought might be going on before moving on. Her treatment was wholistic, focusing particularly on my diet. I have already recommended her to several friends! ” AA

studied, skilled, intuitive healer

“My appointment with Lisa was wonderful. The intake went deep into what I was going through, without making me feel rushed about explaining any of it. She gave me options for different ways of treating my predicament, and I felt better even just after the first appointment. She also taught me about what was going on with me and how I can better take care of myself on my own. Thank you!! ” Angela

First visit

“Great experience and felt relieved after the first session. Can’t wait for next!!! Lisa it’s wonderful and professional. ” AT

Always rewarding visit

“Lisa has a way of getting to the areas of my body with the most discomfort and tension. She relieves the tension and feelings of stress. Alway glad I went to visit.” Robert

Awesome Experience

“Lisa was AWESOME!! She took the time to sit and talk with me and made the effort to get to know me. She treats your soul as well as your body…I will be back” Pam

Encouraging visit

“Lisa’s calm, thoughtful, gentle way of taking my history, examining and treating me and then explaining her findings inspired a lot of confidence that my problems will get better through her treatment. The experience was very relaxing! ” AO

Lisa and Qigong medicine

“I see Lisa for medical Qigong and she is wonderful! Lisa is very intuitive and has made a very positive difference in my health and wellbeing. She is very gentle ” Becky

Healthy and Happy

“After some time of the dull thud of general malaise, low energy, anemia, leg and foot pain, I heeded the advice of dear friends and visited Lisa Klieger. What an amazing difference her presence has made in my life. Acupuncture, coupled with her gentle/healing nature, has helped to build up my energy, to ensure my overall health, and to assuage any fears I had concerning my well being. I am healthier, happier, and more centered since beginning treatment, and plan to continue for a lifetime.” NB

So much healing

“I have been receiving Medical Qigong treatments from Lisa for some time now. Her gentle, caring work has allowed me to attain a great deal of personal and physical healing. She is truly an inspiration and source of encouragement. Thank you, Lisa! ” JO

5 years and healthy

“Acupuncture every 3 weeks has been the key part of my health care program that also includes body work massage and cognitive therapy counseling, these later two monthly. Then there is my primary care physician/ western style and a series of specialists as they are needed. so in truth, Lisa is my A#1 primary care specialist whose treatments and encouragements and advice I count on with the utmost confidence. I wish medicare would pay her as it does the others. se es la vida! merci beaucoup! FMP


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