This week week we have the full moon energy happening on January 31st coinciding with a lunar eclipse energy. The eclipse cycle will end on February 15th with a partial solar eclipse. Between this pair of cosmic shadows is a portal that can help us understand how to rock at being human.

Eclipses are known for their enlivened shadow energy. For those who are not consciously working on their shadow it can be a time of chaos and confusion. A time when the subconscious demons invisible to ourselves start to act like the bull in the china shop of our precious lives.

Unless you are working on the feeling body, getting connected to the subconscious cues our emotions give to our physical being, this bull can seem invisible.

When the plates start flying on their own we will start to look at everyone and everything else as the bull. We feel victimized, disempowered and like the chaos of the world is happening to us. Working with this energy with our eyes open means having the courage to see our own bulls. It means having the strength to love those parts of ourselves that make us uncomfortable, make us squirm, make us want to run away and hide.

But that bull is our own creation and only we have the power to calm it’s destructive rage.

How will you approach this raging bull? Do you get angry and try to punish it? Do you banish it until it gets it’s act together? Do you make it your enemy and become unfairly persecuted by it’s destructive ways? Or do you look right into it’s eyes and soften. Do you look into it’s pain and feel compassion. Do you see that bull is only a small child acting out.  It needs you to see it, to feel it, to hold the space for it to be seen and heard in safety.

That is what this week is asking of you. Can you hold your own discomfort, your own closet full of demons, hold the monster under your bed?  Can you not try to change them? Not try to make them not feel what they feel? Not try to make them stop?  Not try to fix them, banish them or punish them? Can you hold your shadow with reverence? Can you honor it’s wisdom,  it’s beauty? Can you acknowledge that it has come to usher you back to your self? When you can be a container so large, so grounded in your beautiful, amazing humaness with all it’s perfection and pitfalls, then you will see that the bull is only trying to destroy what is holding you back from your own greatness.

Self love and self trust are your birthright. You rock at being human, there is no need to try to be anything else.

With so much love and gratitude to all you beautiful souls.

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