Welcome to the Void.

When coming from a fear based mindset, the Void can be a terrifying prospect. Our culture perpetuates fear like strands of beads from a Mardi Gras float. It is thrown at us from all directions and we are encouraged to excitedly wear it in piles around our neck like a heavy mantle of our visible worth. The more beads you have the more valuable you seem, and the heavier it is to bear.
Shedding the weight of imposed fear based living in an exercise in minimalism. What are we willing to release from our identity that was never really us to begin with, but we have been carrying around for so long it’s absence feels like a sacrifice. This the Void.

The Void is the space we create when we shed layers of our persona.

The masks we have been forced to wear our whole lives. When we shed the things we have inherited or have been foisted on us by peers, capitalist consumer society, social pressure etc we risk feeling like we don’t belong.We risk being outcast by our group identity.

The fear of not belonging feels so real. It runs deep. And it is an illusion.

To accept the Void is to realize that we belong to something bigger. We are stardust and magic and the potential held in the small acorn and a new star. We belong more than we let ourselves feel. The depth and magnitude of our belonging in this universe felt fully would blind you with it’s magnificence. It would bring you to tears with the magnitude of unconditional acceptance and love.
One family holds you close with the fear that you would be nothing without them. The other expands your self awareness until it encompasses the entire grandness of the universe with the knowing that you belong so completely that the fabric of existence would be compromised without your presence.
One keeps you tied to the past, repeating the cycles of powerlessness and self sabotage. The other catapults you towards your own destiny with the assurance that keeping your greatness from the world would be a devastating loss for the rest of humanity.
One makes you feel your worth depends on following the herd rules and expectations. The other shows you that you are loved beyond reason for the sheer fact that you were brought forth into form.

Which family do you choose?

When we think of releasing ourselves into the void the fear and loss seem insufferable. How could we give up this identity, these thought forms that create the structure on which we based our lives. On the edge of the Void entering feels like annihilation.
This is enough to keep the vast majority of humans from attempting the jump.
But, if you can lay down your mantle of fear. If you can accept your sense of belonging to the big magical family of the cosmos. If you can tap the inexhaustible well of unconditional love that flows all around us. Then the jump can be more like a commitment to live the brilliant live you are destined for.

How minimal are you willing to go? How naked can you feel comfortable being? How much are you willing to expose your tender underbelly to the empty black space of pure potential?

Look at what you are willing to give up and then give up ten times more than that. Keep stripping down the layers until you begin to scratch the surface of your brilliant, beautiful soul. Keep peeling back what you think is you until the you can go no further, then peel back some more.

Your potential is limitless, your beauty incomparable, the brilliance of the light inside of you brighter than any sun known to the universe.

Peeling back layer after painful layer is terribly scary. It feels impossibly vulnerable. It feels like giving up your true nature. But what you are really doing is uncovering your true nature.

Just when it gets unbearable is when you realize that the pain is just a distraction.

The pain is the real artifice. It was created when we took up identities that did not serve us and created an ego which learned that generating pain was a surefire way to get lots of attention.
If you look at the man behind the curtain who is animating the Great and Powerful Oz of your ego, you can see it was all a big ruse. The real power lies in the glittering Ruby colored heart of yours. It was never in danger, it was never lacking. You had exactly what you need all along. Your real home, family, connection, is the Void.

So tap your heels together and repeat, there is no place like home…and take the leap into the Void.

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