This week is a double whammy of events.

On Thursday Feb. 15th a partial solar eclipse happens closing the eclipse portal and opening the energy of the Lunar New Year, officially beginning at midnight the same night! The energy of the solar eclipse brings light to the ways in your life that are releasing old patterns. It sets up the opportunity for a cosmic reparenting of the wounded parts we all carry from childhood. The second of the eclipses is a bit more gentle than the first. It ends with a feeling of hope and renewal which will be helped if you were able to dive deeply into the waters of uncertainty and shadow that the first opened up.
As tenderness digs it’s roots deeper into the soil it sends up new shoots to gather the warmth and direction needed from the sun. This is you, the bridge between the nourishing, holding of the yin and the action inducing encouragement from the yang. The fears of uncertainty give way to the bright hope for the future.

This cycle has a particular correlation to the nurturing you got as a child.

Remembering to connect deeply with the perfect holding of our cosmic parents can help us overcome the imperfect lenses through which we experienced this holding as a child. Our parents loved us in the way they were capable of in their perfectly imperfect lives. But the original nourishment and love was always there, we are the love children of the earth and the heavens. Reach your senses out a little further and you can feel this holding.
It has always been there. We have always had everything we needed. But we may have stopped short of connecting to this unlimited well of unconditional love because of our own wounding.

Do you remember it?

I can remember there being a fir tree in the backyard of my childhood home. When I was feeling bad, or wrong, or like I just didn’t know why I was on this planet with these people I called my family, I would visit my tree. It was a small tree that grew with me, always just able to hold my weight without bending double. Climbing up its trunk, I could look down at my life from that higher perspective. With my┬áhands covered with it’s fragrant, viscous sap, I knew I was going to be alright. Maybe not now, but someday. I remembered the cosmic love even if I had no words for it then.

Can you reach past your wounding to connect with the nourishment beyond?

Beyond the desire to blame, shame, be a victim, have revenge? Beyond the rage, depression, sadness, despair? It does not eradicate those feelings, or judge them, or need you to feel any different. It just gives a bigger space for those things to be held in. A space of huge, unconditional love, support, nourishment and encouragement where all of you can be at home.
Next week I will go into the energy of the new year, this year of the Earth Dog. For today I hope you can find that place of transition in you. The turning of the cycles of life giving us an ever greater perspective of who we are and what we are meant to do.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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