Dr. Lisa Klieger

Classically trained as a Five Element Acupuncture Practitioner (MAc) and a Doctor of Medical QiGong (DMQ China), I use decades of clinical and personal experience to bridge ancient wisdom with modern sensibilities in order to guide sensitive souls, who have lost touch with their true nature, to trust their innate wisdom, embody resilient self love and awaken to the magic within.

My education is based in ancient traditions. My approach is a mix of traditional and modern. My heart is centered in the Divine Feminine. My politics are informed by social justice. My style is influenced by LGBTQ community. My actions are dedicated to the Dao. If this sparks your curiosity, if you feel the flicker of recognition in finding a kindred soul, if you are ready for a little cosmic kickass, then connect with me.

Now is the time.

You can visit her on Facebook @kungfuforthesoul or email at lisaklieger@yahoo.com.

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