Collective Consciousness and #MeToo, A Personal Experience

I am not usually one to write about politics, it is a sticky wicket I would rather avoid.

But this week I found that politics and the personal were so intricately entwined I could not avoid diving into it. So here goes…

In case you haven’t heard, another prominent man in power has come into the public attention because of alleged sexual misconduct. This has become so ubiquitous that I feel I could post this on any given week and it would be true. I don’t want to talk about the details of who, what, why, or if, because to me that is not the thing that affects me. What affected me was that the topic rose to the surface of the collective yet again. 

I purposefully did not engage in any of the news, so I actually don’t really know much about the case in point.

What I was tracking were my own feeling reactions and body response. I am a fairly intuitive person and rank pretty high on empathic abilities, which means I feel a lot of other peoples feelings and...

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