Things I have Learned In My Travels

I am a nomad.

I still find this hard to believe. My reality has shifted so drastically it doesn’t even seem real. The things that have become mundane are magical. I find myself walking on the beach with new friends that feel like old companions. Different people, different continents. I don’t believe it when I recount where I have been or where I am going next. How did this become my life? Digging my feet in the sand, talking about the things nearest my soul with old souls who are fast friend even though we just met.

I get to reinvent myself everyday.

All the time. Every time I introduce myself to someone new.

I am in a new place almost every day. People ask me questions I am not used to answering. I get to answer however I feel. I actually check into how I feel first and don’t just give a stock answer. Sometimes I am surprised by the answers. 

Sometimes I wonder if I am lying. I don’t know what is true anymore. Where do I come from? What am I doing?...

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