Travel Log: Reflections On How My Life Has Changed

My experiences thus far in Indonesia have been mind blowing and life changing. I am so grateful for the way my life has been unfolding. I have been doing a lot of unraveling of my life for almost a year. Every challenge and new step I take feels terribly scary. I really don’t know what I am doing. For the first time in my life I don’t have a plan. 

As I was sitting on the beach last night watching the sunset with two beautiful women having deep conversations about the nature of the human experience, I was completely humbled.

I can’t believe that this is my life!

A few short months ago I felt like my life was fixed, that change was hard and that it took a long time and was always painful.

But I had faith. Somehow I became so convinced that my life was supposed to be bigger, better, easier, more magical. I kept the faith even as the challenges made my rational mind feel that I was being unreasonable.

Personal dramas, family traumas, and intense...

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