There is No Such Thing as Safe (And How to Feel Safe Anyway)

What is safety?

I used to believe that safety was doing all I could do to prevent bad things from happening. I felt I needed the world to change in order for me to feel safe. I needed people to act a certain way, I needed situations to have particular outcomes, I needed to be extra smart and foresee all possible danger so I could avoid it at all costs. I also stocked up on resources so that if a bad thing happened I could minimize the effects as much as I could. I stockpiled money, things, people, feelings, in order to minimize the fear I had of scarcity.

These were fear based reactions and felt very disempowering to myself and to the people, things and situations I felt I had to control in order to feel safe in this world.

I spent my life trying to out run paper tigers. But it was pointless because for every tiger I out ran there were two waiting for me around the corner. I gave these tigers to my friends and loved ones like gifts, making up new reasons why the world was a...

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