Rewrite Your Personal History: How to Overcome Trauma

Do you ever wish you could change something from your past? Are there things from your personal history that haunt you? Are you easily triggered by things that other people say or do?

We all have events from our past that trigger us into strong reactions in the present. It can happen anytime a moment in the present brings up a similar sensation from an unprocessed trauma.

Trauma, for the sake of this article, is defined by any event from which we still have unprocessed emotions. It can be a major event like a car accident or personal assault, these events are easy to identify. But it can also be something seemingly insignificant. A small comment someone made to you offhand at a party, a slap on the hand when you were a child. A minor event or incident that for whatever reason you were not able to process in the moment. These smaller moments can be harder to identify and we often experience shame around having emotion connected to something that looks minor to our...

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Your Shadow Is Part of You. Embrace the Dark Side.

This week I am looking at the light and dark in my life. Through ritual, through ceremony, through workshops and experience. I listened to all the voices in my head. The ones that tell me I’m okay and the ones that tell me I am not.
I took the time to really listen to the scripts that run on a constant loop. Many went something like;
what makes you think you’re so special
you’ll never be good enough
you aren’t worthy
In my rational mind I say I don’t really believe them. Yet still, when I listened, they were running in the background like some pop radio smash hits from my youth that keep getting played on the greatest hits station of my shadow self.

So familiar, so comfortable and well worn that I didn’t even pay attention to the lyrics anymore and just sang along.

Dropping deeply into listening, really listening, it started to sound differently. At first it was unbearably uncomfortable. The words...
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Working With Your Shadows

What is shadow energy? 

Our shadows are the unconscious parts of ourselves. The ones we don't even know are there. They are the old patterns and beliefs running in the background of our mind influencing how we relate to the world.

Often they are formed very early in life. They become part of the fabric of who we are. It is much easier to see them acting in others. Shadows become visible when you see someone having a response that is much bigger than the stimulus necessitates. 

It shows up as self sabotage, unexplained rage, crankiness, sudden changes in mood, knee jerk reactions, addictions, uncontrolled cravings and all those things we do that don't make sense.

In essence, our shadows are the bulls in the china shop of our minds. 

Unless you are working on the feeling body, getting connected to the subconscious cues our emotions give to our physical being, this bull can seem invisible.

When the plates start flying on their own we will start to look at everyone...

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