There is No Such Thing as Safe (And How to Feel Safe Anyway)

What is safety?

I used to believe that safety was doing all I could do to prevent bad things from happening. I felt I needed the world to change in order for me to feel safe. I needed people to act a certain way, I needed situations to have particular outcomes, I needed to be extra smart and foresee all possible danger so I could avoid it at all costs. I also stocked up on resources so that if a bad thing happened I could minimize the effects as much as I could. I stockpiled money, things, people, feelings, in order to minimize the fear I had of scarcity.

These were fear based reactions and felt very disempowering to myself and to the people, things and situations I felt I had to control in order to feel safe in this world.

I spent my life trying to out run paper tigers. But it was pointless because for every tiger I out ran there were two waiting for me around the corner. I gave these tigers to my friends and loved ones like gifts, making up new reasons why the world was a...

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Why I Closed My Acupuncture Practice With No Back Up Plan

Today I am closing down my acupuncture practice, with no plan B.

I hear the many voices in my head. My family that instilled the belief that you must work hard for everything you get. My clients who tell me of my healing gifts and what it has brought to their lives. My rational mind that asks why would I leave a successful business that provides a comfortable income. This practice has brought me so much growth and development, pain and pleasure, challenges and resources over the years. I find myself now, on the cusp of a major change in my life, wondering what do I do now.

This moment was a few years in the making.

I had no intentions of retiring from this practice until a very ripe old age. Nearly two years ago now I completed my Doctorate in Medical Qi Gong, which felt like it should be the crowning glory of my career in Chinese Medicine, this medicine I have studied for over two decades now, this medicine that I continually find exciting, demanding and so full of mystery and...

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