Music is a life saver for me. I listen when I need to change my mood, need inspiration, to get out of bed, to dance my anxiety off, to find myself again.

Maybe you need these things too.

If so these are for you. XOXOX

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The Spiritual Path of Dating an Asshole

Oh yes, all those songs of heartbreak and spiritual enlightenment rolled into one.

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On my travels in Africa I fell in love with many kinds of African music. Here is a small selection, with love.

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Deep Feelers Will Save The World

Songs to celebrate and inspire your deep feels. 

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Some tunes to make you feel like you are the shit. Because you are, babe, you are.

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Ready For A New Song?

Join the responsible unfucking movement. A place where non-new agey spirituality, ancient wisdom and sensitive people mix.


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