One-on-One Sessions


One hour is the minimum time needed for an in depth dive into your challenges and needs. We will use a variety of techniques to get to the core of what is happening in your life and then create opportunities to turn your challenges into life changing superpowers. You have the power to create the life you want, one that feeds you, that brings you joy, that lets you feel secure and satisfied that you are taking full advantage of each and every precious day of your precious life. What stands in your way? What demons are hiding in your shadows? Do you have the courage to turn them into your most potent resources for liberation? If you have read this far I know that you can feel the pull of hope. Hope for an abundant life, hope for pleasures both small and big, hope for feeling that there is meaning and beauty in this time of chaos and fear. I am an ally, I am a warrior of the heart, it is my great privilege to assist you in creating the change you seek. Make no mistake, this is a partnership. I am no knight in shining armor, I am here to assist you in becoming your own superhero. We do this as a team, I commit to showing up fully, with all my most formidable tools and wisdom at the ready, if you commit to do the same. The work is hard. It can get uncomfortable visiting all those dark places in ourselves. It can bring up huge wells of pain we have buried, hurt we thought was long gone resurfaces. Change and comfort do not live on the same block. But I promise you, if you show up, if you do the work, change will happen and you will find you are stronger, more brilliant, more powerful than you ever imagined.


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